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Jan 24 2013

Photo by Pat Libby

Ask Richard how something works — like a board book — and he won’t stop until he knows how. After a close examination of this copy of I Am A Bunny and some Internet research, he’s pretty much figured it out.

So maybe 1984 will be making board books for babies by 2014? Stranger things could happen…


Jan 16 2013

Update: In the aftermath of last month’s fire, we went from 400-something to 900-something Facebook likes on our page overnight! Wow! Unfortunately, there’s no way to go back and see who #500 was, so we hope you don’t mind if we set a new goal: 1,000! We’re nearly there, and we’ll be watching closely to see who is the winner. Plus, we’re getting new sweatshirts in this weekā€”just in time. Go like us! Thank you!

Almost halfway to our goal!

Almost halfway to our goal!

One of our goals for 2013 is to improve our communications with all you writers, designers, zinesters, musicians, publishers, distributors, visionaries, and dreamers.

To that end, we have a plan. First, we aim to update this blog weekly with behind the scenes look at print shop life as well as the exciting projects we’re working on.

Second, we want to stay in touch with you all through social media, letting you know what we’re up to, giving you a place to connect with each other, and of course posting weekly adorable photos of Honey and Peanut.

To help make all these connections, we have set a goal of having 5001,000 Facebook fans by the end of the year. We’re almost halfway there! If you aren’t connected already, please head to our page and hit “Like.” If you already like us, please share our page on your page or with your friends. The 500th person to Like us will get a copy of each of the rad books we publish (as well as print) and one of our new, yet-to-be-produced 1984 Printing sweatshirts.

One more request — if you have photos of a 1984-printed project in the wild, please share them with us, either via email or Facebook. Include a link as well, if applicable. We love seeing where our work and ink end up, and we want to help you share your work with the world.

P.S. If you already a fan on Facebook but don’t see our updates, here’s the scoop on how to remedy that.

Happy Gnome Day!

Jan 08 2013

This is the best thing that happened to me last week. I don’t know who loves me enough to put these little hand painted gnomes on the street outside our print shop — but I definitely love them back.

Peanut greets our new neighbor, the gnome.

Peanut greets our new neighbor, the gnome.

P.S. Join us on Facebook — our 500th fan will win a snazzy 1984 sweatshirt and a copy of both awesome books we’ve published.

Happy New Year! Our 2013 resolutions

Jan 01 2013

2012 was a great year for 1984, but 2013 is going to be even better!

As we look forward to a super year of printing your inspiring projects on our giant new press, we put our heads together to come up with a list of 10 goals.

  • 1. Amy: Get more work done in less time.
  • 2. Richard: Floss at least one tooth each day.
  • 3. Amy: Finally take a trip to Mendocino, CA to visit the filming site of JB Fletcher’s lovely house in Cabot Cove from my favorite TV show, Murder She Wrote.
  • 4. Richard: Value our free time more.
  • 5. Richard: Become a more skilled press operator.
  • 6. Richard + Olivia: Read way more.
  • 7. Olivia + Amy: Eat healthier.
  • 8. Honey: Make more new friends and go on more outdoor adventures.
  • 9. Peanut: Go outside in the rain less often and eat more delicious treats.
  • 10. Richard: Stop making new year’s resolutions.

We’ll check back in at the end of December to let you know how we all did.

We wish you all a very happy start to 2013! May all your hopes be fulfilled and your goals be realized.

Meet the doggies: Honey and Peanut speak out!

Dec 21 2012

Management by walking around.

Management by walking around.

It’s an open secret that we owe much of our printshop’s success (not to mention morale) to two little dogs named Peanut and Honey.

Hanging out in the break room.

Hanging out in the break room.

Peanut is the grand dame of the shop. She is particularly concerned about supervising Amy’s work.

"You're going to clean this up, right?"

“You’re going to clean this up, right?”

Peanut might seem aloof at first, but give her time and she’ll end up curled up next to you on the shop couch. Just don’t mess with Amy, okay?

"I know you're tired, but we can keep working, right?"

“I know you’re tired, but we can keep working, right?”

Honey is a ball of energy. If she hasn’t jumped on your lap yet, that probably just means you haven’t met her.

"Are you done taking the photo yet? Can I jump around again?"

“Are you done taking the photo yet? Is it time to jump around again?”

When she isn’t dashing about the shop checking our work twice and making sure everyone is taking their breaks, she’s thinking deeply about the future of print.

"Excuse me, I think you missed something."

“Excuse me, I think you forgot that it’s time to play now.”

Honey has very particular tastes and prefers to manage her own schedule, even if that means keeping odd hours. She also loves to show off her extensive wardrobe of little dog outfits.

Someone has to wear the hot dog costume around here.

Someone has to wear the hot dog costume around here.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to drop by the shop and say hello to Peanut and Honey. When we’re done barking at you, we’ll be pleased to meet you.

Time to nap!

Well, that was exhausting! Time to nap.

The new press in action

Dec 17 2012

It’s unbelievable how easy our new press, Erin Gray, makes printing.

Here are some pictures of her first job run on the new press: Full color cover for another great comic from Retrofit Comics, followed by a catalog one sheet for Alternative Tentacles.

Full color cover

Full color cover

Catalog one-sheet

Catalog one-sheet

How we gained 29,000 pounds in only one day

Dec 05 2012

[Editor’s note: The original headline was “How we gained 12,000 pounds…” This is inaccurate. Each half of our new press weights 12,000 to 15,000 pounds, and associated hardware weighs even more, for a total of 29,000 pounds. We regret the error.]

We are proud to announce that the newest addition to the 1984 family has arrived, and she’s a beauty:

Cue Star Wars theme music

Cue Star Wars theme music

Meet Ms. Erin Gray, our new (to us) Komori SPICA 29P printing press.

She’s a giant beauty. It took us 14 hours of rigging and moving (not to mention disassembling two doors and taking out part of a wall) just to get her from the street onto the special reinforced concrete platform we poured for her earlier this month. Then it took three days to put her back together and plug her in. She is now installed and under power!

What this means for us and you: comics and zines, books and posters… four times as fast and better than ever! And some new additions to our repertoire: fold-over LP jackets and giant posters!

Books and zines … and us

Nov 27 2012

At the SF zine fest
(What our table looks like. Photo by Bit by Zeus)

The third annual East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest is coming up soon — it’ll be on Saturday, December 8th, 10am to 5pm, at 2050 Center Street in Berkeley. It’s free and open to everyone. Bring your curiosity and a few dollars to exchange for some unique, independent literature.

1984 Printing will be there with our price lists and printing guides, blank books, big smiles, a couple of books for sale, and a huge selection of the very best books, zines, flyers, and such that we’ve printed over the years so that you can get a feel for the work we do — and get inspired for your next project.

Drop by our table and say hi. We’d love to meet you.

A strong foundation

Nov 13 2012

It’s an exciting time here at the 1984 printshop. Our new press arrives on November 26th. We’re spending the next week getting ready. This means digging up part of the floor of our shop and literally laying a stronger foundation — for the press and for our business.

The new press is a big deal. It will more than double our sheet size (from 14×20 to 20×29). Instead of only being able to print two colors at once, we can now print all four CMYK colors in one pass — or we can choose to print two colors on one side and two on the other side, at the same time. (This is called “perfecting.”)

More plainly, this means we’ll be able to print your bigger, more complicated projects in less time while still being able to do your smaller offset projects affordably like always. We’ll be able to offer faster turnaround times and even higher quality work. Continue Reading »

Childhood, by bicycle

Nov 07 2012

This is the eighth issues of Taking the Lane, a quarterly zine about bicycling and feminism. The theme of this issue is “Childhood” — it’s designed to look like a children’s book for adults. These zines were offset print with a three color cover and process cyan interior text.

We were happy to learn that these arrived safe and sound yesterday in Portland, Oregon, where many of them will be delivered to readers by bicycle.

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