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Help us recover from the fire

Mar 23 2015

This weekend, our print shop suffered major damages in a fire that spread from the warehouse next door. In order to get back on our feet, we need to do something that doesn’t come naturally to us: Asking for money.

Amy, Peanut, and Honey were in the office at the time, but thanks to our functioning smoke alarms and concrete ceiling, we managed to leave the building in time. Some of our neighbors were not so lucky.

We are grateful to be alive and for the community’s support. Our big printing equipment is mostly ok, but we lost all of our paper stock, computers, and a million other small but essential pieces of equipment and documentation to smoke and water damage. We are seeking to raise $50,000 in order to keep afloat and start printing (and reprinting) again. Please help and spread the word if you can. We are so thankful for your support. Now please go check your own smoke detectors!

Upon reflection…

Sep 14 2014

…it’s been a rough year, here at 1984. Amy had 3 deaths in her family, including her beloved grandmother, Lillian. She was an amazing woman who left her permanent mark on this world, and Amy was lucky to have learned so much from her experience and strength of mind and character and to have experienced so much love from her.

After 4 trips back to Ohio in 6 months, life finally feels like it’s back to the status quo around the shop which means less stress and more productivity, and hopefully, more time for Legos.

We’ve been happily very busy lately making zines and comic books and printing posters and postcards, and we’ve finally uploaded the new and improved price list and info guide to this website (here) AND Amy even added two new 5 x 5 Ikea shelves in her office to hold our overflowing samples (did I mention we’ve been busy?)

Honey, sleeping on the job again

Honey, sleeping on the job again

Lego bunny!

Lego bunny!

hooray for organized offices!

hooray for organized offices!

Pricing for Vinyl Packaging finally added!

Mar 21 2014

At long last, we are back to blogging, back to updating our website, and as always, continuing to print and bind awesome work for awesome people! Finally just added a “new” pdf with pricing for 7″ diecut and glued pockets, innersleeves, 7″ and LP fold-over covers, LP inserts, 18″ x 24″ posters! Download pricing here.

Hot off the press

Sep 09 2013

Dear blog, sorry we’ve neglected you. We’ve been busy playing with our new press, and it’s helping us print more things than we were able to before.

Here’s a spotlight of some recent projects that we especially love.

Girls I’ve Run Away With, a novel by Rhiannon Argo that Amy is excited to take home to read this weekend! It’s Argo’s second novel and the first publication of Moonshine Press, a new queer, feminist micro-publishing house.

– Little Otsu’s new Annual Weekly Planner — Peanut’s favorite page features a very sexy dog sketch.

Reich #10, a comic book from Sparkplug Comics with the most beautiful cover…Love!

– And a perfectly simple blank notebook for Pedal, Stretch, Breathe/Taking the Lane with a gorgeous two spot color cover. Silver metallic ink really is awesome!

Meet Lynda Carter

Jul 09 2013

We are pleased to announce a new member of our print shop family: A new (to us) Heidelberg S Diecutter. We’ve decided to name her Lynda Carter.

This is a smart machine that can do a lot—once she’s up and running, we’ll be able to make LP and 7″ record pocket covers and so much more!

Here are some photos of her move into the shop:

1984 in the Oakland Local

Jul 01 2013

We’re so pleased to get to share this great feature about 1984 over at the Oakland Local blog.

Here’s a snapshot:

In the beginning, nearly ten years ago, Amy hand-collated projects in her living room and printed from negatives. A women’s studies major, Amy found how-to books on ebay and taught herself everything about the business, from building her own darkroom to operating a stitching machine.

As sole-proprietor, Amy is part curator, part designer, and part heavy lifter. One of her goals, in starting a small business was to find creative work to do with her husband, Richard Northam. They met back in Ohio when Richard was working as a roadie and driving a bus for the Primate Freedom Tour. Their partnership allows a fair division of labor. On a perfect day, Richard, a union contractor, never has to deal with computers, and Amy doesn’t have to pour concrete.

What the very end of the article says is true. We love our work, but the best part is all the people we get to work with.

Out with the old

May 06 2013

Remember that new printer we moved into the shop earlier this year? The one that is the size of a small house?

Well, we finally moved out the old printer, which was only as big as a large shed, but still taking up plenty of space and getting in our way.


Apr 19 2013


Amy was just in Ohio for her grandma’s 97th birthday. She is amazing, and Amy intends to grow up to be like her.

We love our work

Apr 19 2013

There’s a lot we love about our work–running our own shop, playing with machines the size of a small house, always learning something new or improving a process, and getting to support creative radical endeavors. We love all of it, from greeting cards to poetry books to posters to zines and in between.

Here are two projects we printed this week that made us feel especially excited about our chosen line of work.

The Big Feminist BUT is an awesome comic anthology that we are all in love with.

Bikes in Space is a collection of feminist sci fi stories about bicycles!

Black Ink / Heavy Metal

Apr 02 2013

We recently started using recycled black ink, and we love it. It shows up by the pallet–we’re expecting a new shipment any day now.

Our own excess black ink no longer gets wasted; it goes in a drum that we ship back to Wisconsin to be recycled again. The company is almost ready to unveil full color CMYK recycled inks too, which we are of course excited about.

Some jobs use more ink than others, and this metal magazine is one of them. We used 25 pounds of ink on this–that is a lot of ink!

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