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1984 Printing began out of our desire to create an alternative to the corporate business model we detested. We wanted to profit from our own hard work and skills, be creative and self-sustaining. We wanted to make a living happily and while working with each other. I wanted out of my meaningless, middle management job and missed feeling a part of the d.i.y. punk and leftist communities to which my heart belongs. I wanted to fire my bosses without becoming someone else’s. And I wanted to bring Pepper, the people fearing dog, with me to work everyday. [R.I.P. Pepper. Now, I bring Peanut, the barky but loving sausage dog, and Honey, the dog that loves everyone as long as you let her jump into your lap.]

Richard the (former) Roadie toured the U.S. and Europe many times over in the last ten years with too many punk bands to list. He found himself ready to stay home a lot more often, quit 2 out of 3 of his paying jobs & try something new. With me.

The right opportunities finally came. First a small print shop to buy (which didn’t happen but sparked the brilliant idea of trying something this crazy) and an affordable warehouse space to rent across the hall from AK Press. Then a bindery business across town went up for sale cheap.

So here we are, years later, self-taught and fully operational, working from a business model of our own design, in opposition to greed and exploitation, influenced by our experiences with d.i.y. punk, leftist, and collective organizing, feminist studies, and every job we’ve ever worked.

We would love the opportunity to prove our skills to you. We’re honest, fair, and care about every job.

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