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Fire Relief Benefit posters – featuring Green Day!

May 20 2015


Since the fire, the response from the entire community has been overwhelming. One of the most amazing moments came last week when Green Day got on stage at 924 Gilman for the first time in 20 years at a Fire Relief benefit concert. You can read all about it in Rolling Stone!

This was the second of two benefit shows that 924 Gilman put on to raise recovery funds for us, AK Press, and the many other building residents affected by the fire. We have printed up these beautiful posters from the event and you can purchase them directly from us.  All proceeds directly benefit 1984 Printing, AK Press, and residents from both warehouses affected by the fire.

Thank you everyone for the support! It’s hard to believe sometimes, but we think we’re really going to make it. Things are looking brighter, thanks to you.

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