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Help us recover from the fire

Mar 23 2015

This weekend, our print shop suffered major damages in a fire that spread from the warehouse next door. In order to get back on our feet, we need to do something that doesn’t come naturally to us: Asking for money.

Amy, Peanut, and Honey were in the office at the time, but thanks to our functioning smoke alarms and concrete ceiling, we managed to leave the building in time. Some of our neighbors were not so lucky.

We are grateful to be alive and for the community’s support. Our big printing equipment is mostly ok, but we lost all of our paper stock, computers, and a million other small but essential pieces of equipment and documentation to smoke and water damage. We are seeking to raise $50,000 in order to keep afloat and start printing (and reprinting) again. Please help and spread the word if you can. We are so thankful for your support. Now please go check your own smoke detectors!

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