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1984 in the Oakland Local

Jul 01 2013

We’re so pleased to get to share this great feature about 1984 over at the Oakland Local blog.

Here’s a snapshot:

In the beginning, nearly ten years ago, Amy hand-collated projects in her living room and printed from negatives. A women’s studies major, Amy found how-to books on ebay and taught herself everything about the business, from building her own darkroom to operating a stitching machine.

As sole-proprietor, Amy is part curator, part designer, and part heavy lifter. One of her goals, in starting a small business was to find creative work to do with her husband, Richard Northam. They met back in Ohio when Richard was working as a roadie and driving a bus for the Primate Freedom Tour. Their partnership allows a fair division of labor. On a perfect day, Richard, a union contractor, never has to deal with computers, and Amy doesn’t have to pour concrete.

What the very end of the article says is true. We love our work, but the best part is all the people we get to work with.

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