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This week at the print shop: Zines and record sleeves

Feb 26 2013


This was a light week around 1984, after our hard push to finish the Food Atlas job. We finished up some exciting projects, and even more jobs are in the pipeline.

Here’s what we did this week:

– The Night Demon 7″ cover from Reinig Records.

– Antediluvian 7″ cover for Nuclear War Now Records.

– Replica 7″ cover from Prank Records.

Taking the Lane zine #9 from Elly Blue

– A new printing of Fine Fine Music for our favorite pal Cassie J. Sneider, just in time for her upcoming hometown parade float–most genius idea ever!

– And last but not least, a record-book hybrid, Empty Holes, Empty Homes from blossoming noise. The book comes perfect bound, with a flexi record as the last page that tears out easily for your immediate listening pleasure! Here’s a picture of the record-page:


We love printing for music projects as well as wordy projects. Check out our record sleeve pricing on our price list, or email us about a custom quote.

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