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Marrying giant books

Feb 12 2013

FOOD: an Atlas by Guerrilla Cartography is possibly our biggest project ever. The book is a whopping 12″ x 12″ and consists of 172 pages of gorgeous full color, crowdsourced maps from all over the world.

When a book has too many sheets to collate in one pass, like this one does, we collate them in six sections that then get “married” together with a slip sheet at the end to separate them from the next book block. Don’t worry, we get all sorts of good jokes out of this.

The book is still in progress so you have to wait until next week’s blog post to see the finished product—but its going to be awesome! In the meantime, check out our pictures, and this feature about the project on NPR.

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  1. That is some project!!!

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