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How we gained 29,000 pounds in only one day

Dec 05 2012

[Editor’s note: The original headline was “How we gained 12,000 pounds…” This is inaccurate. Each half of our new press weights 12,000 to 15,000 pounds, and associated hardware weighs even more, for a total of 29,000 pounds. We regret the error.]

We are proud to announce that the newest addition to the 1984 family has arrived, and she’s a beauty:

Cue Star Wars theme music

Cue Star Wars theme music

Meet Ms. Erin Gray, our new (to us) Komori SPICA 29P printing press.

She’s a giant beauty. It took us 14 hours of rigging and moving (not to mention disassembling two doors and taking out part of a wall) just to get her from the street onto the special reinforced concrete platform we poured for her earlier this month. Then it took three days to put her back together and plug her in. She is now installed and under power!

What this means for us and you: comics and zines, books and posters… four times as fast and better than ever! And some new additions to our repertoire: fold-over LP jackets and giant posters!

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  1. WOW! She is beautiful. Good luck.

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