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A strong foundation

Nov 13 2012

It’s an exciting time here at the 1984 printshop. Our new press arrives on November 26th. We’re spending the next week getting ready. This means digging up part of the floor of our shop and literally laying a stronger foundation — for the press and for our business.

The new press is a big deal. It will more than double our sheet size (from 14×20 to 20×29). Instead of only being able to print two colors at once, we can now print all four CMYK colors in one pass — or we can choose to print two colors on one side and two on the other side, at the same time. (This is called “perfecting.”)

More plainly, this means we’ll be able to print your bigger, more complicated projects in less time while still being able to do your smaller offset projects affordably like always. We’ll be able to offer faster turnaround times and even higher quality work.

We hired a company to cut the concrete flooring and cart away the big heavy pieces. Next, dirt is being dug out with jack hammers and shovels. Finally, we lay down lots of rebar and finally pour the new foundation of fast drying concrete. Good times!

Here’s a gallery of photos of the process so far (and one of a test sheet from the new printer — beautiful!). When the new press arrives in two weeks, we’ll have an even more dramatic story to show and tell.

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