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Update 19 May, 2015: In the last month, 924 Gilman has put on two benefits for fire survivors, including us. Both featured lots of local bands, and the second one featured a surprise special guest performance by… Green Day! We printed posters for both the shows and they are for sale here. All proceeds go to fire recovery!

Update: Our print shop suffered severe water and smoke damage early in the morning on March 21st when a fire broke out in the warehouse behind ours. We are getting back on our feet, and we are indeed printing again, so yes! we are accepting new jobs!  We have launched a Go Fund Me page to help cover the costs of replacing paper and computers and other losses sustained. Please consider helping us out. Thank you so much to all of our communities for your support.

1984 Printing offers sheetfed offset printing and short-run digital copier printing on 100% recycled papers using soy-based, zero-VOC cmyk inks and recycled black ink, plus animal-free book binding.

For print shop news, examples of our work, and a steady stream of cute dog photos, follow our blog and like us on Facebook.

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